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The ‘Old Peverel Road’, said to have been built by the first William Peverel (who died in 1114) to link Bolsover with his other manor at South Wing

Newlyn town had a quay since medieval times, but it appears to have collapsed.

By the 18th century, there was a quay or wharf at Street an Nowan, a fishing community which had sprang up since the early 17th century.

Penzance and Newlyn were rival ports in Mount's Bay - through out history they were competing for economic dominance of the bay.

An extract from the report by Eric Berry and Nick Cahill

A modern housing development is now built on the site of Sydenham Teast's shipyards.

Bristol, built at the bridging point of the Frome and Avon rivers in Saxon times, has been an important port for centuries.

Although sources for Exmoor's medieval history are scarce compared with neighbouring areas there is some interesting material.

The area around this ancient bridge on the river Barle is one of great natural beauty making it a magnet for tourists.

Former tollhouse at Exebridge