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Melton Mowbray's market is mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Basingstoke Triumphal Gateway

The 233 names on the town memorial represent only a small proportion of Basingstoke men who died serving in the First World War.

Cheltenham has a rich series of manor records, starting in the 1300s.

 Between about 1818 and 1832, the landscape of Brighton underwent a rapid transformation, much of it around the outer edge of the Georgian resort.

When war returned in 1939 Codford was again chosen as a military garrison for many regiments from the British armed forces who were joined in 1943

Although Codford was peripheral to the main army training areas on and around Salisbury Plain, its easy rail and road access to Warminster and Sali

In 1944 plans were drawn up by Warminster and Westbury RDC to build on the site of the American military camp, formally the old cherry orchard betw

Most of today’s settlement lies along the High Street, the old main road running slightly south-eastwards from Codford St Peter to the bridge over

Henley grew up on the back of the Thames river trade with London, and from the Middle Ages the waterfront has been a vital part of the town.