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Eccles Row

Market Street was opened in 1887 by the Ledbury Markets and Fairs Company.

The Southend is one of the original medieval streets of Ledbury.

Despite its name, New Street is one of the oldest streets in Ledbury.

Church Street was formerly called Hallend, then Back Lane This road was probably the beginning of the early route from Ledbury to Worcester.

The earliest name for the street, recorded from 1288, was Bishop Street, after the bishop of Hereford, who probably held land there.

This was one of the original streets of the medieval town, its name recorded from 1288.

When the Bishop of Hereford established a borough in his rural manor of Ledbury in the early twelfth century a new market place was laid out in wha

This picturesque lane is one of the earliest roads in Ledbury; it leads to the parish church.

The settlement which developed into Ledbury grew up in the Anglo-Saxon period at an important crossroads where the road from Hereford to Worcester