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Ledbury street names, like those of most established towns, resonate with history.

Until 1719, the area that was to become Sunderland was divided into two parishes which served administrative as well as religious purposes.

The town plan of Sunderland was determined by the layout of its medieval burgages.

Although much of the earlier road pattern has been swept away, it is still possible to make out the shape of medieval villages at Southwick and Bis

William Waples and other photographers captured images of a lost world, people of the port at work and play.

A miscellany of the unusual and striking around the city. These are a few of our favourite things.

Above, detail on 138 High Street West.

South of the Wearmouth bridge, a grid of new streets was laid out, 1810-14, for John Fawcett by his agent William Jamieson.

There had been little change in the layout of medieval Monkwearmouth when this map was published in 1737.

Ashbrooke was Bishopwearmouth's fashionable middle-class suburb, from the mid-19th century.