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Dummer village benefitted from a clean and reliable water supply due to its location on chalk with clear springs and also from the generosity and i

Unlike the other Bishops Hull mills Roughmoor mill was not on the river Tone but on one of its northern tributaries.

The medieval manor mill at Bishops Hull went out of use in the 1340s but by the late 16th century the parish was home to a large number of mills, a

The Gunfleet was the name of the large estuary fed by the Holland River or brook, which formerly ran into the sea between Frinton and Little Hollan

Morwenstow had two holy wells, dedicated to the two patron saints of its church.

Like any community Minehead needed water and this was traditionally supplied by springs and streams and later also from wells but the growth in tou

Water is not only vital for life and domestic comfort but for centuries was the main source of power for much of England's industry.

These pages were missing from the Minute Books of the Basingstoke Poor Law Union in 1866, where the reports for the outlying parishes were transcri

There was a new initiative to prevent the spread of infectious diseases from dirty conditions following the Diseases Prevention Act of 1855; the li

The river Avill, famous for the snowdrop valley near its source, is small but significant.