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Castle Donington is a small market town in north-west Leicestershire.

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Chitterne brook runs into the river Wylye.  Codford owes its origins to the fords which crossed at this point.  On both sides of the Chitterne broo

Codford was sited on an ancient road running on the north side of the river Wylye, from Warminster in the west to Wilton in the east.

Image: Culham Lock in 1888, a modern-style poundlock with gates at each end.

Henley-on-Thames: Town, Trade and River

The Ferry between Halling and Wouldham was very ancient and lasted about 600 years.

For 70 miles the River Medway runs through Kent shaping the landscape and providing opportunity for the people of the county.

By 1700 it was only too clear that a new approach towards the river and harbour was essential.

William Waples and other photographers captured images of a lost world, people of the port at work and play.