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33-35 Queen Square, Home of Captain Rogers

Captain Woodes Rogers (1679-1732) is remembered in a plaque on 33-35 Queen Square, he was Captain of a voyage around the world from 1708 to 1711, was rich and invested his money in many things, including the slave ship Whetstone Folly which took 270 enslaved Africans to Jamaica from Africa.

He was a privateer, the captain of a ship specially licensed by the British Government to attack and rob enemy ships. Privateers were allowed because they helped Britain to take over control of the Caribbean islands from Spain and France. Towards the end of his life he was Governor of the British controlled Bahamas and their slave plantations.

Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Bristol: Ethnic Monorities and the City 1000-2001' (ISBN 13 : 978-1-86077-477-5 ) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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