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52 North Street, Taunton: grocer's shop

52 North Street, Taunton

Number 52 North Street, Taunton has been a grocery store for at least 180 years. The building has medieval origins but has been virtually rebuilt several times. It was kept by grocer John Christopher Easton, a member of the famous Easton family of Bradford on Tone, better known for engineering. By 1851 he was assisted by John Barter of Kingskerswell in Devon and by 1861 the business was a partnership of Easton and Barter with Mr Easton retiring to the Priory in Taunton St James parish and John Barter living over the shop with his family, assistants and servants. Following Easton’s death in 1865 John Barter took on another Kingskerswell man John Duder a farmer’s son who had worked as a grocer in his home village. By 1870 they were partners in the business and John Barter moved out of 52 to Mount Terrace leaving the accommodation over the store to John Duder and his family and the three male staff. In 1888 the premises were greatly altered to add warehousing accommodation. John Duder died in 1911.

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

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