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Amesbury Airfield

Stonehenge airfield landing ground between the Shrewton & Exeter roads west of Stonehenge was opened in 1917 for training bomber pilots. Hangers and other buildings were erected north & south of the Exeter road. The airfield was closed in 1920, some of the buildings were used for farming and all had been demolished by the 1930’s.

Blackcross down south east of the town Boscombe Down (initially red house farm) airfield was opened in 1917 for training pilots. Buildings were erected by 1918 extended in 1919 but the airfield was closed in 1920. Reopened in 1930 and was used mostly by bomber squadrons until 1939 when the aeroplane & armament experimental moved there. The evaluation establishment was still at Boscombe down in 1992, main work was to test aeroplanes & weapons. The airfield was greatly expanded after WWII new buildings were erected in the 1950’s. By 1937 9 houses in Allington way and had been erected for commissioned officers, 4 in main road for warrant officers and 33 in lamber road and main road for airmen. After WWII several housing estates were built on the west side of the airfield.  

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project