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Basingstoke Probate Material 1661-70

Extract from Basingstoke Inventory 1670

Fourteen wills, 15 inventories and two accounts of administration have been transcribed for this decade. The increase in numbers of innholders and maltsters is evident. The cloth industry was declining but still surviving but malting and brewing were increasingly replacing cloth as the main industry. It is not clear why some of these wills were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury when the bishopric of Winchester and its Consistory Court had been re-established following the Civil War and Interregnum. Brian Duppa was bishop 1660-2 and George Morley 1662-84.

These transcriptions have been made from copies of original probate documents supplied by Hampshire Record Office and The National Archives. Words and place names have been modernized and punctuation added to make reading easier but names have been transcribed as written. Words in italics indicate omissions in the original document which have been added to make sense of the text. Words in square brackets indicate that they have been transcribed as seen but where the meaning is unclear. 

Links to the transcriptions are below. 

glossary is attached of unusual words.