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The Bosons of Newlyn

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families. They were heavily involved in the fishing trade as well as being patrons of the Cornish Language.

The Boson family originated from Paul parish - their surnames are first found in Paul parish records in the early 16th century. The surname Boson may come from the occupation of boatswain. They were based in Newlyn where they were involved in the Pilchard trade, held large estates and acted as local leaders. They had close ties with the Keigwin family of Mousehole.

 The Bosons were also highly literate, with many family members going to university. They were one of the families who in the 17th century were behind the movement to revive the Cornish Language. Nicholas Boson (1624-1708) wrote several books in Cornish. Thomas Boson (1635-1719)  and John Boson (1655-1719) were also wrote pieces in Cornish, including a pilchard curing rhyme and tomb epitaphs.

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