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Burford Wills 1560-1569

This site will soon contain all Burford wills and inventories for 1500-1699.

Each person listed may have several documents, including will, inventory, and summary sheet of key items compiled by the Burford Probate Group.

  • Robert BREWTON senior, chandler, 1567: will, key data
  • Richard CHARELEY, gent, 1568:  will, key data
  • Henry COCKRELL, yeoman, 1562:  will, key data
  • Hugh COLBURN, woollen draper, 1566:  will, key data
  • William DALBY 1569:  bond, admon, key data
  • John DICKINSON (DYCKYNSON), mercer, 1569:  will, key data
  • William FOSTER, glover, 1567:  will, key data
  • William HANNES, wheelwright, 1560:  will, key data
  • William HUGHES alias CALCOTT, yeoman, 1563:  will, key data
  • John HICKS (HYCKES) 1562:  will, key data
  • Robert JOHNSON, shoemaker, 1560:  will, key data
  • Joan JONES (Johanne JONYS), widow, 1560:  will, key data
  • Thomas MEACOCKE, clerk, 1567:  will, key data
  • Thomas PLOME the elder, butcher, 1561:  will, key data
  • Thomas PRICKYVANCE, capper, 1560:  will, key data
  • John ROGERS, tanner, 1569:  will, key data
  • Walter ROSE, shoemaker, 1560:  will, key data
  • Edmund SILVESTER the elder, clothier, 1569: will, key data
  • William WISDOM (WYSEDOME), weaver, 1567:  will, key data

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