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Cheltenham: medieval manorial rentals

Included here are transcriptions of several rentals mostly of the 15th century, held at the National Archives (SC 11/216 to 227). Most of them can be linked to the period when the manor was owned by the Abbess of Syon, Middlesex.  They are probably best described as stray survivors rather than as a set (several are damaged or incomplete), and there is no obvious logic to the cataloguing order. Only 3 pieces have internal dates, but by comparison of tenants' names, and other clues, a relative chronology can be established.  Transcriptions were done by members of the Cheltenham Local History Society's Latin Group, working from images taken by Dr Beth Hartland, who is researching medieval Cheltenham (and Cirencester) for the Victoria County History of Gloucestershire.  A further related item, a survey of c1440, has been transcribed from D855/M68, held at Gloucestershire Archives.

The likely sequence is:

11/220 - C14th?

11/221 - 1420?

11/218 - 1430 (dated)

11/225 - 1430?

11/222 and 223 - 1440?

11/217 - 1450 (dated)

11/219 - 1450 and 1452 (dated)

11/216 - 1470

11/227 - late Elizabethan

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project