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Cold Newton Probate Material

Cold Newton

Cold Newton is one of six deserted or shrunken villages within a small area in the east Leicestershire wolds. Former house platforms can be seen in the fields, and the prominent ridge and furrow bears witness to a period when this was arable land, feeding a much larger human population than lives here today. However, this is not a deserted settlement. There are resident farmers, a few houses and a sense of community. Land was given to the village to commemmorate the Queen's Silver Jubiliee in 1977, and a tree was planted, and this is now the village green. 

With such a small population in the Stuart period, there is little probate material, but the few inventories that were lodged with the church courts offer an interesting window into the life of this small community. Barnabas Holbech's assets were worth over £1,300 at his death (at 1674 prices), and included over 800 sheep as well as cattle and horses. The two Jordans had more modest assets, but were able to maintain a reasonable standard of living, with brass and pewter as well as livestock.

Barnabas Holbech, gentleman, 1674

Thomas Holbech, 1705

Hugh Jordan, shepherd, 1641

Richard Jordan, 1685

Anthony Pick, grazier, 1751

John Sharpe, yeoman, 1707

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Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project