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Duchess Georgiana

Duchess Georgiana married the 5th duke of Devonshire in 1775. Although based in London, the couple made regular visits to Hardwick Hall, usually for a few months at a time.  

The duchess is believed to have been especially fond of the house and she encouraged some old customs to be revived. For example, in 1774 prayers were said in the chapel for the first time for many years and in 1797 a dance was held in the New Hall, an event that had not occurred since the 3rd duke's day. As a result of this increased use the house underwent yearly refurbishments between 1779 and 1787.

After Georgiana died in 1806 the duke used the house less; indeed, apart from one visit in 1809 there is little to suggest he ever returned to Hardwick.

Image courtesy of the Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trust.

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