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Dummer Probate Material 1621-1640

Extract of Richard Marriatt's Inventory 1624

Material from 16 testators in this period includes 12 wills and 15 inventories made by three yeomen, five husbandmen, two blacksmiths, a widow, a clerk (rector).and others. A number of wills open with declarations of belief in the saving power of Jesus Christ. Evidence of increasing comfort in household furnishings is apparent.

These transcriptions have been made from copies of original probate documents supplied by Hampshire Record Office and The National Archives. Words and place names have been modernized and punctuation added to make reading easier but names have been transcribed as written. Words in italics indicate omissions in the original document which have been added to make sense of the text. Words in square brackets indicate that they have been transcribed as seen but where the meaning is unclear. 

Links to the transcriptions are below. The wills of Dummer rectors are published in a separate section of Explore. 

glossary is attached of unusual words.

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project