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Dunster's Roads

Dunster old toll house

Dunster sat in a web of routes from Exmoor to the coast and between villages and hamlets but from the 18th century attempts were made to rationalise them creating a few improved roads.

The route through Dunster was turnpiked in 1765 by the Minehead Trust through to the Devon boundary beyond Dulverton. Some old roads were abandoned at this period, which had the effect of sending all traffic into Dunster’s streets, a continuing problem.

The highway between Carhampton and Minehead through Alcombe was turnpiked in 1765 between Nether Stowey and Minehead.

By the mid 20th century Dunster's streets were choked with traffic and parked cars spoilt every view but the town's position in a narrow space between the park and river on the east and steep hills on the west has defied attempts to bypass it. Sadly visitors and their vehicles spoil the beauty of the town they have come to see although it is now possible to come to Dunster by heritage railway and bus.


Content generated during research for Victoria County History Somerset Volume XII. More information is available on the VCH Somerset website

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