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Eastnor Probate Material 1681-1700

Part of the inventory of Thomas Walter, yeoman, 1683 Herefs RO 86/2/40

There are 13 surviving probate records for Eastnor people in the period 1681-1700, of which eight have both will and inventory. There are three wills and two inventories with no other documents. None of them have accounts.

The two women were both widows, one the widow of a gentleman and one the widow of a yeoman. Both husbands' wills also survive. Of the 11 men, occupations or status are given for ten of them: a gentleman, seven yeomen, a weaver and a carpenter. There is a gap in the Eastnor burial registers from June 1678 to April 1734, so no additional information has been gleaned from the registers. The wills and inventories are for:

Richard Summers, yeoman, 1681 (inventory)

Gilbert James, gentleman, 1681(will & inventory)

Thomas Walter, yeoman, 1684 (nuncupative will & inventory)

John Jauncey, yeoman, 1685 (will & inventory)

John Dugmore, yeoman, 1685 (will)

Thomas Baldwyn, yeoman, 1686 (will & inventory)

Henry Aston, yeoman, 1687 (will & inventory)

Thomas Richards, 1687 (will & inventory)

Margaret Morton, widow, 1688 (will)

William Bache, weaver, 1688 (will & inventory)

Jane Asston, widow, 1691 (will & inventory)

Edward Bucknell, yeoman, 1693 (will)

William Burroppe, carpenter, 1694 (inventory)

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

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