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Emslie J Horniman

Son of the tea merchant Frederick Horniman (who founded the Horniman Museum), Emslie J Horniman (c.1865-c.1944) lived at Burford Priory from 1912 to 1937.

Himself an artist, anthropologist, Arts-and-Crafts enthusiast, and philanthropist, Horniman not only completed the restoration of the Priory, but restored several other buildings around the town in Vernacular Revival style. Together, these early 20th-century restorations give Burford much of its present-day character.

Read more about Horniman's career and his impact on Burford. Or follow the links below for more on the local buildings he restored.

High Street (east): No. 33

High Street (east): No. 99

High Street (east), No. 117 (Highway Hotel)

The Hill (west): Nos 160-162

Burford Priory

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