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The buildings along Burford's main streets reflect the town's varied social character, which included gentry and professionals as well as shopkeepers, tradesmen and craftsmen. Some buildings are timber-framed while others are stone or stone-fronted. Eighteenth- and 19th-century fronts often hide much older buildings, many of them late-medieval.

Near the bridge, small cottages rub shoulders with imposing buildings such as Cobb House or Falkland Hall. In the town's heart around the central crossroads were the Tolsey and some of the town's major inns. Between Witney Street and Swan Lane lies one of the most remarkable runs of late medieval buildings in Burford, while further up The Hill, smaller cottages mingle with some higher-status 18th- and 19th-century houses. Behind the grand facades lurk remains of some of the town's cramped 19th-century cottage yards.

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