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High Street (east): No. 23

This small cottage with its rubblestone front is of 17th-century origin, but has been increased in height. Nineteenth-century occupants included agricultural labourers and probably, in 1851, a sawyer. In the 1860s it became the entrance and manager's house for the Burford Gas Light and Coke Company (formed 1864): the straight joint to the right, and the long timber lintel over the door, show where trucks entered loaded with coal. After the gasworks closed in 1914 it became part of the school premises. The fanciful name Lenthall House is modern.

See: Oxford Chronicle 19 Nov. 1864

Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Burford: Buildings and People in a Cotswold Town' (ISBN 13 : 9781860774881) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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