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High Street (west): No. 98

The earliest feature is a stone Caernarvon archway in the right-hand front room, with the characteristic ‘shoulders’ of the late 13th century. Probably it has been re-set, as nothing else is visible from such an early date. Most of the structure has 16th-century origins (e.g. the fragment of moulded stone plinth near the doorway to the rear courtyard), but has been much altered. The rubblestone façade was raised in height in the 17th century, and at first-floor level three long timber lintels can be seen above blocked windows; before their replacement by 18th-century sash windows they may have lit a workroom. A large fireplace (now blocked) in the rear room may have served a bakery business recorded here from the 1870s. The central doorway and the shopfront with fluted pilasters were added in the early 20th century, but evidence of further doorways (now blocked) can be seen at either end. In 2007 it was a baker’s, confectioner’s, and restaurant called Huffkins.


(Photo by Jessica Brod, Oxfordshire Buildings Record)


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