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High Street (west): Nos 110-112 (formerly part of the George Inn)

A deed of 1608 records that this house had been recently rebuilt by John Collier (died 1634), keeper of the George Inn, who incorporated it into the George around that time. The stone-mullioned window to the cellar at pavement level seems earlier, but is part of a plinth which is later than the gateway jamb. In the 18th century the building was modernized with several sash windows. After the George closed it became a shop, successively occupied by a watchmaker, butcher, cabinet maker, and (in 1881) saddler.

The 17th-century building replaced a medieval predecessor with arched openings to the central passageway, owned in 1404 by William Brampton of Oxford. In the early 15th century it was apparently divided, and in 1495 (when acquired by Thomas Poole of London) it included a shop, cellars and solar (or upper chamber).

(Photo by Jessica Brod, Oxfordshire Buildings Record)

See: RH Gretton, The Burford Records (1920) 333–6, 343, 352–3, 356–7; R Moody, Inns of Burford (2007 edn) 13; A Jewell, Burford in Old Photographs (1985) 13

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