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The Hill (east): No. 153 (including Perrin's Yard)

As at Nos. 135–137, in the 19th century the carriageway gave access to a cramped cottage yard containing at least 5 dwellings. Occupants recorded in 19th-century censuses included a ragman, agricultural labourers, shoemakers, and carpenters, all with their families. By 1861 the main house was occupied by Thomas Perrin, a builder after whom the yard was named; possibly he developed it further, since more households seem to have been listed than earlier. In 1901 the yard still accommodated 2 households, but 2 other cottages there were empty. Stylistically the main house seems to be of the 1750s, but maps show a different layout in the 1920s, and the incorrect (by 18th-century standards) proportions of the ground-floor windows reinforce suspicions that this is partly a 20th-century pastiche. A doorway in the façade was blocked in the late 20th century.

Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Burford: Buildings and People in a Cotswold Town' (ISBN 13 : 9781860774881) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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