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The Hill (east): Nos 131 and 133

The elegant 3-storey house now called No. 131 seems to have been entirely built in the late 18th century by an unknown owner, its central windows featuring raised architraves to accentuate the symmetry. Nineteenth-century occupiers included a tailor and woollen draper (1870s–80s), and later a schoolmaster. No. 133 next door may have 17th-century origins (hinted at in small blocked openings under the eaves), but the sash windows are early 19th-century. The shopfront and pentice (lean-to) roof over it date from the 1870s, around the time it became a baker's.

Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Burford: Buildings and People in a Cotswold Town' (ISBN 13 : 9781860774881) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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