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The Hill (east): Nos 135-137 (including Wiggins' Yard)

Behind this house in the 19th century lay one of Burford's cramped 'cottage yards', home to labourers, hawkers, and other impoverished inhabitants and their families. Eight small households lived here in 1841, that of Richard Wiggins, shoemaker, probably in the main house, with the rest in the yard behind. The Wigginses were still here in the 1870s but had gone ten years later, when there were apparently 5 households and one unoccupied house.  Multiple occupation ended before 1910, and Wiggins' Yard now forms one property. The main street façade dates from c.1800, though the plank door with late 17th-century hinges suggests an earlier building behind, and the ends of timbers visible in the stonework may indicate the position of an earlier floor. The large boxed-out bay window is 20th-century, and may have been a shopfront.

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