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The Hill (east side): No. 141 (former White Horse)

The house has 17th-century origins, and in 1703 was owned by a carpenter and apparently let as four properties. By the 1760s it was the White Horse inn, and the carriageway and façade probably date from then. A chain and pintles (or pivots) for the door to the carriageway survive, and a stone niche may have been for a lamp. The White Horse continued until the late 20th century, though in the 19th century various tradesmen and their families seem to have shared the premises, including carpenters, drillmakers, and a corn merchant. In 1781 it was partly sublet to the overseers of the poor for Upton and Signet, who perhaps used some of the outbuildings as a poor house. Multiple occupancy may explain a blocked doorway apparently replaced by the ground-floor left-hand window. In 2007 it was a single private house, and the timber transom windows are 20th-century.

See: Listed Building Description; Oxford Journal Synopsis 12 Oct. 1765; Oxfordshire Record Office, QSD V/2–4

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