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Old Shute, Dulverton

Old Shute farm lies in the west of Dulverton parish across the Barle. The Old in its name probably derives from Oldberry hill fort immediately east of the farm. In the early 19th century it was divided between Higher and Lower Old Shute.  In 1841 George Peppin was farming Higher Old Shute with his wife and young son. They kept two maids and had two agricultural apprentices. George, who later emigrated to Australia, was a descendant of an old Dulverton family, one of whom claimed they were descended from King Pepin of France! He kept an account book of his years farming at Old Shute. In the mid 19th century the farm buildings were rebuilt around a central farmyard. They including a bank threshing barn with horse gin, linhays, pigstyes, stables, and fowl house. By 1881 Old Shute  was a 300-a farm employing 6 labourers and managed by a bailiff. It was one of the farms studied by the volunteers for the settlement of Southern Exmoor project.

Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Exmoor: The making of an English Upland' (ISBN 13 : 978-1-86077-597-0 ) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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