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Population and Migration: Exmoor 1841-1901

Grave of a young coalminer from Dunster

In 1851 there were only 13 Dulverton people in Wales, mainly wives and servants, but by 1891 there were 102. In 1871 there were only seven Winsford and 90 Dulverton people in London but by 1891 there were 25 and 120 respectively.

Hawkridge people had not moved more than a few miles in 1851 but by 1891 of 93 people in England born in the parish 42 still lived there, 33 were in nearby parishes, and 18 were in London, Kent, and Essex. Most southern Exmoor people migrated as craftsmen, servants, or through marriage.  From the 1880s migrants came to work in the coalmines but earlier they came as bootmakers, building workers, ostlers, gardeners, painters and decorators. Exmoor men settled at Cadoxton, Glamorgan as shoemakers and labourers.

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

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