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Robbins' Reminiscences - Transcription of a notebook about life in Launceston in the early nineteenth century.

Southgate Arch, Launceston

Richard Robbins was a bootmaker, who played an active role in Launceston during the course of the century.  One of his sons, Sir Alfred Robbins, a prominent journalist and freemason, published a history of Launceston, ‘Launceston Past and Present’ in 1888.


In this notebook, written in 1895,  Richard Robbins jots down his memories of life in Launceston when he was young, thinking, one imagines, that the information might be useful to future historians.  His lists of tradesmen and professional people, with anecdotes about individuals, about working conditions, about activities in the town, provide a lively picture of everyday life in Launceston.


The text preserves Robbins somewhat idiosyncratic orthography.  Some corrections have been made to the punctuation, to assist understanding of the text.  The text is shown in roman type; brief explanatory notes appear in italics within square brackets.


An illustrated edition of the text with introduction and annotations is available from the Lawrence House Museum, 9 Castle Street, Launceston, PL15 8BA, telephone 01566 773277.


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