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Sheep Street (north): Baracca (formerly Brewery House)

Despite the early 18th-century style of the window surrounds and a broken pediment above the doorway, this is a mid 19th-century rebuild of an earlier cottage, documented from the 17th century when it was owned by a Little Faringdon yeoman (William Ford). In the 18th century it was used as a farmhouse, and in 1813 it belonged to the maltster John Bateman, who went bankrupt five years later. In the 1840s–50s it was occupied by a tailor and later by an Inland Revenue Officer, the latter with his wife and 9 children.

In 1858 the cottage was bought with four barns and an orchard by the brewer and maltster Thomas Henry Reynolds, who had recently acquired the brewery next door. He demolished the barns and replaced the cottage with the present building, renamed Brewery House. The off-centre doorway suggests that an earlier plan was retained in the remodelling. From 1880 Reynolds was succeeded here by George Garne, new owner of the adjoining brewery, whose family occupied the house until 1958; the modern house-name Baracca dates from c.1918. The cross-mullion windows are 20th-century replacements.

See: Listed Buildings Description; RH Gretton, The Burford Records (1920),  450, 458, 479; R Moody, The Inns of Burford (2007),  93–4, 96

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