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Sheep Street (south): No. 11

Though apparently rebuilt in the early 19th century, with a smooth ashlar façade and contemporary features, this tall 3-storeyed house shows signs of an earlier building inside, and has an attached barn at the back. The original house was evidently built across Sweep's Lane, a medieval back lane running parallel to High Street: the pattern in the pitched stone pavement outside does not quite align with the doorway but continues at the rear, apparently preserving the lane's former course.

In the 1850s the brewer Thomas Reynolds briefly occupied the house with his family and 2 servants. He was followed probably in 1858 by a widowed proprietor of houses, and from the 1890s to 1940s by the brewer and spirit merchant William (or Willy) Garne, co-owner of Garne's Brewery across the street. Garne renamed the building Hanover House, reportedly after an early steamship, following his marriage to the ship's captain's daughter in 1883. The small attic dormer may have been a taking-in door for goods associated with the brewery.

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