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The timber-framed buildings of Ledbury, a report

As part of the research into the history of Ledbury, building historian Duncan James produced a report on the timber-framed buildings of Ledbury: ‘An analysis of the historic fabric of late 16th and early 17th century buildings in Ledbury, Herefordshire’, unpub. report for EPE, 2007.

This study of the buildings, combined with documentary research, has led to a deeper understanding of the wealth of Ledbury in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Here we present  documents which give the content of that report, covering the methods and sources used and the general conclusions drawn. The detailed discussion of the  individual buildings which were examined is on the page on each separate buildings. Those included in the study were:

The early buildings The Master’s House       The Abbot’s Lodge                        The Old Grammar School           1 Church Lane (Council Offices) 28-32 Bye Street “Bishop’s Palace”  16 Bye Street  233 & 235 The Homend   The Late 16th and early 17th century buildings The Market House  Ledbury Park.  Upper Hall Lower Hall 1 High Street 3 High Street. 8 High Street 9 High Street 10 High Street 14 High Street 16 High Street.  17 High Street. 17c High Street. 18 High Street. 19 High Street. 20 High Street. 21 High Street. 22 High Street. 23 High Street. 25 High Street (The Feathers Hotel) 27 High Street. 1 & 3 The Homend 5 & 7 The Homend 9 The Homend 11 The Homend (Seven Stars Inn) 13 The Homend 27 & 29 The Homend (Cinema House) 37 The Homend. 39 The Homend (Horseshoe Inn) 67 The Homend 2 The Homend (site of - see also Barrett Browning Insitute) 4 The Homend 10 The Homend (site of) 24 The Homend 42 The Homend 1 & 2 The Southend 5 The Southend (Royal Oak Hotel) 7 The Southend 9 The Southend 19 The Southend 22-26 Church Street (site of) 1 Church Lane (Council Offices) Prince of Wales Inn, Church Lane Church House, Church Lane The Steppes, New Street 2 New Street 4 New Street 6 & 8 New Street. 12 New Street 14 New Street (Talbot Hotel) 24 New Street 26 New street

Content generated during research for two paperback books 'Ledbury: A Market Town and its Tudor Heritage' (ISBN 13 : 978-1-86077-598-7) and 'Ledbury: People and Parish before the Reformation' (ISBN 13 : 978-1-86077-614-4) for the England's Past for Everyone series

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