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Trowbridge Barracks

Trowbridge Barracks was erected in Bradley Road in 1794 by contractor John Scobell. A troop of cavalry was stationed in building, which housed 4 officers, 58 soldiers of other ranks, 63 horses and had hospital accommodation for 10. The barracks was abandoned after the close of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. Troops returned to Trowbridge in 1826 and were billeted in the town’s inns. This was unpopular and in 1837 a petition demanded that neighbouring towns should share the cost. Six-monthly quartering’s in Trowbridge, Bradford upon Avon and Frome were introduced in 1838. Because of the Chartist disturbances 1838-9, the Government decided to provide proper military quarters and bought back the barracks in 1839. From the late 19th century the barracks housed the Royal Artillery.  By 1903 the barracks could hold 150 men; it was extended in the 2nd World War but was later demolished and replaced with housing.

The Boer Wars occurred in South Africa and took place between the British and the descendants of the Dutch settlers. The first war dates from 1880 -1 while the second dates 1899-1902. The Wars resulted in a British victory as the Boer Republics were brought to an end in the peace settlement. 

Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

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