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Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

The Somers' Arms, Eastnor seems to be named after the Somers-Cocks family, lords of the manor of Eastnor.

The volume of surviving probate material increases after 1701, but the value of the documents to the local and the social historian declines as gra

There are 13 surviving probate records for Eastnor people in the period 1681-1700, of which eight have both will and inventory.

There are probate documents for 18 Eastnor people during the period 1661-1680.

There are only four surviving wills  for Eastnor people for this period, covering the English Civil War and the Commonwealth.

There are only nine surviving wills for Eastnor people from the period 1621-1640.Four of them are nuncupative wills, oral statements of the decease

There are 13 surviving wills for Eastnor people in this period.

There are 14 surviving wills for Eastnor people, all men, between 1581 and 1600.

There are 11 surviving probate documents for the period 1561 - 1580, two for women and nine for men.

There are 12 probate records for Eastnor people during the first forty years of the 16th century.