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Old Basing


Content derived from research undertaken as part of the Victoria County History project

Probate records for 29 Old Basing residents survive for this period comprising 18 wills, 23 inventories, one court paper and two sets of accounts.

For this period 21 wills, 26 inventories and one court paper survive.

Fourteen wills and inventories survive for this period, all are in Hampshire Record Office.

Twenty four wills and 22 inventories survive for this period of people involved in the local farming community and related trades.

Only one will survives for this period, that of John Mulford.

About half of the parish of Old Basing lies on chalk, with the sands and gravels of the Reading beds running through the centre of the village from

It is not known exactly when the Congregational cause in the parish of Old Basing was instituted, but it was already in existence at the time of th

‘Daneshill, 1 m. NW By Lutyens, 1903. Brick, Tudor and conventional.'[1]

Old Basing is a substantial settlement 2 miles east of Basingstoke. 

There was a new initiative to prevent the spread of infectious diseases from dirty conditions following the Diseases Prevention Act of 1855; the li