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Content generated during research for the paperback book 'Cornwall and the Coast: mousehole and Newlyn' (ISBN 13 : 978-1-86077-489-8) for the England's Past for Everyone series

Cornish is a distinct Brittonic language - close to Welsh and Breton.

An 18th century manor house.

The Old Manor House in Trewarveneth Street is the best example of a merchant's house of the early 17th century.

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families.

Mount's Bay was a major trading area with five ports in the 14th century.

By the mid 18th century Newlyn was prospering because of the fishing industry and landlords were investing in new property.

Fish due for export had to be processed quickly due to its perishable nature, either by drying, smoking or salting.

Fishing was one of the main industries in this part of Cornwall from 1600 to 1800.

Many hundred Wills were transcribed for the Penwith Project by volunteers who completed their work using specially designed 'slips'.  Joanna Mattin

As part of their study, Eric Berry and Nick Cahill took a series of photographs showing Keigwins in context.