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Edwardian (1901-1914)


This notable late-medieval house is comparable to some broadly contemporary examples on High Street.

Like many buildings on this side of Witney Street, these three houses on the far side of Guildenford began as 17th-century cottages. At No.

As so often in Burford, the house's 18th-century façade conceals an earlier building.

No. 55 probably has 16th-century origins, and shows evidence of timber framing.

The apparently symmetrical front conceals a 17th-century house, with a stair turret leading to the upper rooms.

Though substantially rebuilt, these two small cottages and two adjoining houses originated probably as two neighbouring medieval houses. Nos.

From the late 18th century to c.1918 this was the Rose and Crown inn.

The early-to-mid 19th-century ashlar façade of this tall 3-storey building hides elements of a medieval house, including two 15th-century fireplace

Behind this house in the 19th century lay one of Burford's cramped 'cottage yards', home to labourers, hawkers, and other impoverished inhabitants

At No. 94, now called Christmas Court, the canopy with supporting columns, the boxed shopfront, and the bay windows are all 19th-century.