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Edwardian (1901-1914)


Royal Engineers, Bridging Battalion in camp at Wouldham, 1905.

Snodland’s last pre-war public building is the cinema built in 1912, now in use as a Roman Catholic church.

Wouldham Hall Cement Works

George Paul was headmaster of Ledbury Boys School for over twenty years, from 1885 until 1917.

Henry Rider Haggard was born in Norfolk in 1856, the son of a Norfolk squire.

When the Bishop of Hereford established a borough in his rural manor of Ledbury in the early twelfth century a new market place was laid out in wha

The settlement which developed into Ledbury grew up in the Anglo-Saxon period at an important crossroads where the road from Hereford to Worcester

The author and poet John Masefield is one of Ledbury's most famous sons. He was born at the Knapp, in the Homend, in 1878.

Sunderland was certainly not short of public houses and beerhouses.