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Hanoverian (1714-1837)


The Old Hall at Hardwick survives only as a shell, with remnants of its plaster decoration.

Image supplied courtesy of English Heritage.

Lime Kiln Fields Mill was built in 1793 from limestone with sandstone. It is a four storey structure and now located in a residential garden.

In the 17th and 18th centuries Bolsover was well known locally as a centre for the manufacture of clay tobacco pipes, and for a short time in the m

The history of education in Bolsover falls into several well-defined phases.

Using volunteers the probate records of Paul Parish, held in the Cornwall Record Office, were studied and extracts transcribed to help build the pi

The period 1800-1914 created the settlement of Newlyn as we see it today.

By the 19th century Mousehole was just one distinct settlement. Its population growth was small, from 1461 in 1841 to 1655 in 1901.

Trade and fishing were affected by Turkish raids on west Cornwall, which began in 1625.

Newlyn town had a quay since medieval times, but it appears to have collapsed.