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High Medieval (1216-1398)


Until unified as a single shop in the 20th century, these properties were quite distinct.

Like No. 12 (Bull Cottage), No. 14 is documented from the 1390s.

This site formerly included two cottages, shown in 1920s photographs.

In the 17th and early 18th centuries this was the Star Inn, owned and sometimes occupied by members of the Taylor family.

Externally there are few clues to the age and interest of this building.

These three separate houses may have begun as a single large medieval hall-house, the hall (with cellar) on the site of No.

This late medieval stone and (probably) timber-framed house has been much altered, but its medieval plan can still be discerned.

A vicarage house stood on part of this site from the Middle Ages, and a surviving medieval range at the rear may be part of it.

This small building is probably Burford's best-documented property, because of its acquisition (with earlier deeds) by Brasenose College, Oxford, i

The earliest feature is a stone Caernarvon archway in the right-hand front room, with the characteristic ‘shoulders’ of the late 13th century.