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Interwar (1918-1939)


The history of education in Bolsover falls into several well-defined phases.

After the First World War the government announced its intention to provide 'homes fit for heroes' for returning servicemen and their families.

Tithe maps were drawn up when tithe payments (a clergy-support tax of a tenth of all parish produce including fish) were commuted or changed to equal

This famous well is located near St Keyne’s Church.

Joseph St. Clair, ‘the black dentist’ from Barbados married a Bristol girl, Mabel Stallard, and made a relatively good living in interwar Bristol.

Dixie Brown was one of the very few men of African descent living in Bristol in the early inter-war period and was a much loved father and 'grandfe

The first local authority houses were built in the late 1920s.

Former tollhouse at Exebridge

There has been a hotel at Simonsbath since the 19th century but the arrival of the motor coach and car in the early 20th century opened up the area

The lower part of High Street, Dulverton in 2008