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Interwar (1918-1939)


Codford’s village theatre resulted from a society scandal during 1924-5, involving a young adventuress and a retired colonel, whom she married for

The Pearsons came to Parham in 1922 neither as members of a nouveau riche ‘smart set’ nor from the old landed aristocracy.

Much of our knowledge about Elizabethan Parham comes from the work which the Pearsons and their architect Victor Heal carried out on the house from

The gardens and grounds at Parham House are featured in this section.

This section shows photographs of building works at Parham House undertaken after 1921 by the new owners, Clive and Alicia Pearson, and their archi

The present-day Phyllis Court is a stuccoed, Italianate mansion house on Henley's northern edge, built in the early 1840s.

Image: a typical crush of pleasure boats at the 1896 Regatta, viewed from one of house boats which lined the banks for weeks on end.

A house here may have been occupied in 1652 by Leonard Mills, carrier (taxed in 1662 on 5 hearths), and owned in 1685 by Robert Aston (of the

This notable late-medieval house is comparable to some broadly contemporary examples on High Street.