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Interwar (1918-1939)


Established in 1935, the Bay Tree Hotel encompasses two earlier houses.

Two cottages here in the 1650s were replaced in the early 18th century by a single farmstead, where malting was carried out long before the establi

This site formerly included two cottages, shown in 1920s photographs.

Though substantially rebuilt, these two small cottages and two adjoining houses originated probably as two neighbouring medieval houses. Nos.

Both houses contain medieval cores behind later façades, which were further remodelled in the 20th century. The roof structure of No.

This 3-gabled house looks quintessentially 17th-century and retains some genuine features, such as the drip-moulds over the windows.

This extensive corner site was assembled from three separate narrow properties in 1839–41, by the linen draper William G. Westrope.

Though substantially remodelled both buildings are of medieval origin, and were apparently of moderately high status.

The squared and dressed stonework visible above the projecting 19th-century shopfront, laid in regular courses, is probably late 17th-century.

Though a shared Cotswold-slate roof now links this range with Nos. 54–56, the varied stone façades confirm their separate histories. No.