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Post World War II (1945-1999)


On the 10th December 1947, the Corby UDC received approval from the Treasury to construct 218 Easiform houses and 250 Wates Houses to supplement th

By the influence of his wife, Col Ralph Sneyd made the courtyard at Woolstore into a theatre in the late 1920’s.

Since 1940 about 94 acres of grassland ploughed up; some land taken for military use in Codford’s Manor Farm. At the larger East Farm, almost 400 a

Structural features of gardens, such as buildings and walls, can be permanent and outlive plant life.  A detailed history of these gardens is prese

John Collins was a farmer in Codford

In 1944 plans were drawn up by Warminster and Westbury RDC to build on the site of the American military camp, formally the old cherry orchard betw

Wadham Locke, owner of Ashton Gifford House, built Ashton Gifford school at his own expense in 1844.

Most of today’s settlement lies along the High Street, the old main road running slightly south-eastwards from Codford St Peter to the bridge over

Much of our knowledge about Elizabethan Parham comes from the work which the Pearsons and their architect Victor Heal carried out on the house from

This section shows photographs of building works at Parham House undertaken after 1921 by the new owners, Clive and Alicia Pearson, and their archi