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Post World War II (1945-1999)


No. 16 Witney Street is modern, built c.1990 on the site of the former Agg's builders' yard.

This site formerly included two cottages, shown in 1920s photographs.

Though substantially rebuilt, these two small cottages and two adjoining houses originated probably as two neighbouring medieval houses. Nos.

In the late 17th and 18th centuries this may have been the Quart Pot inn, and by 1830 it was the New Inn.

From the late 18th century to c.1918 this was the Rose and Crown inn.

Roman Catholics, who were earlier recorded in Burford in only very small numbers, became established in the 1930s, when a small congregation met in

This late medieval stone and (probably) timber-framed house has been much altered, but its medieval plan can still be discerned.

At the heart of this building is a 16th-century two-roomed house with a cross-passage behind the left-hand doorway.

William Cox, an upholsterer and cabinet maker, rebuilt and enlarged No.

This united rubblestone front conceals a jumble of rooms and phases and some re-used timber.