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Roman (AD43-410)


The historic site known as Beaumont Quay is an important survival showing the nature of the small quays and wharves that were once very common and

This Roman Highworth ceramic pot was discovered in the village of Highworth in June 2008.

Prehistoric (before AD43), Roman (AD43-410), Medieval (AD410-1485)

Old Sarum in Wiltshire is well known as notorious rotten borough pre the 1832 reform act.

Eccles is a village in the English county of Kent, part of the parish of Aylesford and in the valley of the River Medway.

There is no firm evidence of Roman settlement in Sunderland, with the main sites of occupation in the region being the Roman forts at Newcastle, So

In the area later occupied by Paul and its neighbouring parishes, prehistoric settlement was concentrated in the upland areas away from the coast.