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World War II (1939-1945)

World War II (1939-1945), None / Uncertain

Having begun construction of the plant, Stewarts and Lloyds were faced with the problem of housing the new workforce, an expected 1650 people, a fi

In 1939 the Corby Urban District Council was established, separating from the Kettering Rural District Council and taking responsibility for housin

By the influence of his wife, Col Ralph Sneyd made the courtyard at Woolstore into a theatre in the late 1920’s.

Since 1940 about 94 acres of grassland ploughed up; some land taken for military use in Codford’s Manor Farm. At the larger East Farm, almost 400 a

Major events in the life of a country house often leave little trace upon the building.

Aerial photography can reveal evidence of past landscapes, often very difficult to detect on the ground.

Although (as in the First World War) many regiments of British Servicemen were garrisoned at Codford, during the Second World War they were also jo