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Bolsover has suffered throughout its history from lying just off the main roads that run through this north-east Derbyshire.

An outline of attempts to provide an adequate water supply for Bolsover, which stands on high ground some distance from readily accessible sources

The Cavendish chapel was built in 1618 as a final resting place for the tomb of Sir Charles Cavendish and his wife, Catherine Ogle.

The Little Castle was designed as a self-contained lodging for Sir Charles and his close family.

In this section on overview of the geology and landscape of Bolsover area is given.

Bolsover Castle was built in the 17th century but occupies a medieval site, at the western edge of the limestone plateau in the south-west corner o

The most distinctive feature of farming in modern Bolsover was the creation of an estate of smallholdings intended to give unemployed men and their

The history of education in Bolsover falls into several well-defined phases.

Since the closure of Bolsover colliery in 1993 great efforts have been made by central and local government, and other bodies to regenerate the com