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Alesellers were recorded in Timberscombe from 1407 and one of its 19th-century public houses survives in the centre of the village.

The town of Watchet did not have its own war memorial recording the names of those killed in the First World War until 2014.

Like any community Minehead needed water and this was traditionally supplied by springs and streams and later also from wells but the growth in tou

Water is not only vital for life and domestic comfort but for centuries was the main source of power for much of England's industry.

During Minehead’s days as an important trading port mercantile families provided each other and other people with credit.

We take street lighting for granted but it was slow to reach many parts of Britain and some communities have never had street lighting and do not d

This set of over 40 inventories for Twyning, at the northern tip of Gloucestershire, between the rivers Severn and Avon, has been transcribed by vo

This set of 35 inventories was transcribed in 2013-14 by volunteers at Gloucestershire Archives, and supplements the parish account already publish

Minehead market was always overshadowed by that at Dunster but has its own interesting history and a fine Edwardian market house.

Before 1800 Dunster had the most important market in West Somerset serving a wide area of the Brendons and Exmoor as well as the coastal communitie